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Playstation 5 Console 2

Is this new PS5 Render the Real Deal?

Hype around Sony's forthcoming PS5 console is building quickly. Fans on the internet are already speculating about what new features Sony will bring about players this year, and a few are currently snooping to get a glimpse of what the PS5 might hold. Dutch site Let's...

PS5 and Xbox X Series – Possibly the Best consoles yet, are you ready?

You need to be: using a state-of-the-art quad-core chip powering next-gen matches, upped frame speeds, and sometimes even 8K resolution thrown in for good measure, there will be plenty to urge the console within the elderly PS4, PS4 Guru , Xbox One S, or even Xbox One...

PS5 is costing a bit more than expected…

The continuing coronavirus outbreak has had no impact up to now on preparations for PlayStation 5 generation, they stated. The business has yet to determined how many PlayStation 5 units it will make in the very first year, they included.


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