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Playstation 5 $50

How does this pre-order process work?

The Deposit

First comes the Deposit you pay us, this is the start of our journey together to obtain a beautiful PS5.

It secures your rightful place of becoming a proud PS5 owner.


The Wait

This is the worst part, the waiting game. Yea we know… It sucks…

Unfortunately until we know the exact release date.

All we can do is wait!


The Announcement

Finally the news is here and we know when the PS5 will arrive!

Hopefully you have the extra cash you need to finish paying for the console hidden away its almost time to get serious!

Hold onto it for now! We’re almost there!


The Countdown

We are closing in on the final days of the PS5 launch! The Countdown has begun!

We will be emailing everyone who pre-ordered to finalize their payment and to pay the remainder of the price tag for your beloved console.


The Celebration

The day has arrived, the PS5 was launched, and we sent you your tracking information.

Guard your porch with a pitch fork or shotgun in hand to fend off all the would-be package thieves!

The time is upon us! It shall soon be time to marvel in awe at your new PS5 in all its glory! 


Get your PS5 GUARANTEED – By Pre-Ordering your PS5 with our company ACQUISITION you will be staking your claim to owning a PS5 100% after launch.

How will we do it? Simple, we will order in mass and if we are unable to get a PS5 via pre-order we will have couriers camping at the stores to fill any outstanding orders, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get  PS5 this Holiday 2020.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it would be, but its not exactly free, you will be paying us a extra $50 for making sure you get your PS5 GUARANTEED after launch, and the cost of shipping and handling. Roughly $80 to rid yourself of the headache of getting your hands on a PS5 after launch, not to bad if you ask me.

You will pay a portion of the systems cost upfront to get your pre-order placed, the system has a estimated price of $499 but currently that is still to be determined. Once the final price is announced and the date is announced you will be receiving a email to proceed with the rest of the payment to make up for the difference. If you decide to continue with the purchase your PS5 is as good as yours, if you decide not to or you are unable to pay within the allotted time frame your money will be refunded.

So are you ready to get a PS5 or what? Get it out of the way now and place your pre-order that way you don’t have to worry about anything else besides your next payment to finalize the deal and then you can begin decorating your war room in anticipation of a new beast to add to your collection the Ultimate Gaming machine, Sony Playstation 5.



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